The philosophy of the Grace Lutheran

Christian School extra-curricular sports

program is an extension of the overall

philosophy of the school. Through

athletics, students learn the value of teamwork, 

sportsmanship and individual responsibility

to the the team.


Grace is a member of the A.V Christian Athletic League.

Students in grades 5- 8 may participate in the

following sports: soccer (co-ed), volleyball

(co-ed), flag football (boys), basketball (boys & girls),

cheer-leading (co-ed), and softball (co-ed).  The organized sports experience is a platform for developing athletic, social-emotional and spiritual skills. The sports offered are limited by parent/student interest and volunteer coach availability (there needs to a be a prerequisite number of players for each sport).

It is the intent of Grace to provide this opportunity to students who meet and maintain eligibility based on academic, behavioral and physical qualifications. Practices and games are scheduled after school hours.  A sports fee is assessed for each participant.


* Co-Ed Soccer

* Co-Ed Volleyball

* Cheerleading


* Boys Flag Football

* Girls Basketball

* Boys Basketball


To the 2019 Grace Lutheran soccer team for a successful and fun season! 

If you would like additional information, please contact our School Office at (661) 948-1018.