Our Staff.. Sharing the Gospel message with families

Mr. J Gynther

Mr. Gynther received his B.A. from Concordia University, Portland. He served as a teacher and principal at St. John's Lutheran School in Oxnard, CA for 27 years.  He and his wife, Tina, are blessed with three children and seven grandchildren. Mr. G is passionate about Lutheran schools and the life long advantages they provide for their students.  He is a fan of the Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals and the U of O Ducks.

Chris Calvert
School Administrative Assistant

Ms. Chris, as the children call her, has served at Grace Lutheran since 1993. Mrs. Calvert has three adult children, all whom attended from preschool through 8th grade at Grace. Hobbies/pastimes/enjoyments include gardening, animals, reading, sewing, quilting, crocheting, watching old movies and spending time with family.

Terri Turner

Prekindergarten, Child Care


Miss Terri holds a B.S. from California State University and a M.A Teaching degree from Grand Canyon University. She has teaching experience at Bethel Baptist School and A.V. Christian School.

Claudia Baker
Preschool, Child Care

Ms. Claudia has attended Antelope Valley Community College and University of California Los Angeles to earn her Early Childhood basic and advanced certificates. Ms. Claudia has taught for 17 years, and has been at Grace for 15 years. Hobbies include cooking and scrapbooking. Her passions are teaching the kids cooking and she loves to sing. Ask her about her Betty Boop collection!

Kathy Franer
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Franer has been connected to Grace Lutheran since 1990, and teaching for 19 years. Both of her daughters attended Grace from 4 year old pre-school through Grade 8. She is a native Californian, graduated from the University of Cal Poly SLO. She likes tole painting, crafts, sewing, and baking. Mrs. Franer likes being around animals and enjoys riding horses and training dogs. 



Esther Boyer
Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Boyer has been at Grace Lutheran as a student (graduated in 1974), a parent, and has been teaching for 14 years. All four of her children attended and graduated from Grace. She is the proud 

grandparent of five grandsons ages 4 months to 6 years old. She enjoys spending time with her family , camping, hiking, and watching movies.

Heidi Cross
Grade 2 Teacher

Mrs. Cross was born and raised in Michigan and Wisconsin. After graduation from Concordia University, Seward, she taught in South Dakota, then moved to Lancaster. Her three children attended Grace. Mrs. Cross has been teaching for 29 years. She serves as the faculty PTL representative and can often be found volunteering around the school and church. Besides teaching, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, watching sports and doing crafts.

Mark Welsh
Grade 4 Teacher

Mr. Welsh has been teaching in the Antelope Valley for 17+ years.

He has taught 4th through High School and enjoys multiple subject areas. Music is a passion, and he likes to play the guitar. Mr. Welsh and his wife Trudy have two children, a senior in high school and a kindergartner.

Mrs. Morris
Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Morris has a Bachelors Degree in English and a Masters Degree in Literature and Writing. She has over 13 years of experience in education and sits on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit that supports youth and families in the Antelope Valley. She coaches the Grace Junior Robotics Team and enjoys creating and building with Legos. 

She has been married to her husband Mike for 10 years and has two children.  

Lee Matalon
Band Teacher

Mr. Matalon holds a Master Degree in Music. He has been teaching over 40 years here at Grace. He also teaches band at Paraclete High School and helps out at Quartz Hill High, along with leading the band at Antelope Valley College and being involved in his own band that entertains throughout Southern California. When not involved in music, Mr. Matalon collects Baseball Cards, old instruments, and Pez's. A hobby is fishing.



Heather Jensen
Grade 3 Teacher

Ms. Jensen was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, went to Lutheran schools most of her life, and graduated from Concordia University - Wisconsin in 2007 with a BA in elementary education and a minor in English. She taught for 10 years in Oxnard, CA before moving to Texas for two years to teach and be technology director.  She got her Master's in Educational Design and Technology in December of 2016.  She has two dogs, Ollie and Rowan, who enjoy watching Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs games with her.

Erica Serrao
Middle School Teacher, Admissions Director

Mrs. Serrao graduated in 2011 from Adelphi University (New York) with a Bachelor's in Biochemistry with a concentration in education and genetics. She has a passion for athletics,  music, and photography.   She is married with two little girls. 

Prisca Norris
Middle School Teacher

Mrs. Norris graduated in 2003 from Concordia River Forest (Chicago) with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education with a concentration in mathematics. She has been teaching for 16 years.
After serving for 2 years as a teacher/missionary in Chiayi, Taiwan, Mrs. Norris took the Call to Grace. 

She has been married to her husband Brad since 2009 and has 2 little boys. She enjoys music, crafting, reading, and photography.

Teri Morgan
Church Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Morgan has served at Grace Lutheran for many years. She is also the parent of two alumni. She collects Boyd's Bears and church bird feeders. Mrs. Morgan is all about FAMILY.