It is our sincere desire to make a quality Christian education accessible to those families who support our values, and who seek partnership with our school. At this time, merit scholarships are unavailable; Grace Lutheran Christian School distributes tuition assistance to families based upon availability of funds and need for those funds. All tuition assistance applications are handled with strict confidence.


Q. How do I apply for tuition assistance at Grace?

A. Each Spring applications are accepted in the School Office, due by the first Friday in May for the following school year.

The application form is available below, or in the School Office.

Q. How is tuition assistance determined?

A. We understand each family situation is different and personal. Decisions are based on information gathered through our tuition assistance application. Recommendations are presented to the Grace Lutheran Scholarship Review Committee. We make every effort to accommodate each family’s financial needs. However, we do not have the resources to meet the needs of every family who applies for assistance.


Q. How is tuition assistance distributed at Grace?

A. We recognize that the primary responsibility for funding a student’s education rests with the student’s family. Tuition assistance is distributed to qualified families based upon need and availability of funds. Once an amount of assistance is determined, and it has been approved by Grace’s Scholarship Committee, the family will be notified by mail, and it will be credited to the student’s account. The family will then be responsible for the remaining balance. All requests for tuition assistance are confidential.