School Library


The mission of Grace Lutheran Christian School is to develop and sustain the love of reading, to provide instruction which integrates information literacy into the curriculum, and to foster life-long learning.


The library provides access to information resources in print. Preschool through 4th grade students visit the library on a weekly basis. The  Accelerated Reader program provides practice in reading comprehension for students.


All instruction is aligned with California Model School Library Standards.

Annual Book Fairs provide books and funding for the library.

Educational Support Resources

Grace Lutheran students study core academic subjects: English/writing, math, science, history, and literature. Their education is enriched through additional classes in art, music/band, physical education, health and Spanish. Chromebooks are used to enhance instruction on a one-to-one basis in grades five through eight. 


 Students utilize Moby Max, a web-based math program, as a supplement to the math curriculum.  Accelerated Reader (AR) which encourages and monitors independent reading and comprehension and is used in the reading curriculum.

LEGO League

Students in grade K - 8 have the opportunity to participate in the LEGO First program. The parent-led, after-school activity encourages students to solve real-world challenges through engineering and robotics.

MAP Testing

Starting in 2018-19, Grace implemented the MAP Growth Assessment for students in grades K-8.  The test measures student growth in reading, math, and language arts. It is administered at the beginning and the end of the school year thereby measuring academic growth for the year. In addition, the MAP Skills Assessment can be administer during the school year in order to collect more data on subject strands for students who may need support in these areas. The tools also provides links to resources that can differentiate learning for those students that need support. Go to for information on MAP Growth and MAP Skills Assessments.